What is E-commerce or electronic commerce

E commerce or electronic commerce is a virtual medium for buying or selling the goods and products. Now a days its one of biggest growing sector in marketing  world, and hence by using this tool you can buy any product listed on that particular website without putting your feet outside your home.
💧amazon 💧olx 💧flipkart 💧snapdeal 💧myntra 💧ebay
It include all the platforms or website on internet from where you can buy a product or utilize their product is called E commerce, infact on which platform you are reading this blog is also a e commerce platform. some platform earn money by direct taking form you and some by showing you adds, remember this always that "when you are not paying for the product you are the product".

What is Digital signature? and what is Significance and uses

Now the day's all Government services is available  by the help of e-governance, in which includes Pan card, Voter card and other various other things. Before all this things are  created manually by various government officials, and it contain's signature of those officials. 
But now this all are shifted to online, and it all are verified by digital sign. So if you don't know about  what is digital signature then din't worry we are here to explain this topic.

What is Digital signature?Let's suppose if you want to make in government certificate, then you have to fill up a form and  attach some identity and then you have to submit it. Then this form go to some required verification then  after some time or days you get your certificate  with a signature of official on that certificate.
But now all are transfer to form. If you want to make any certificate you have to go on it's website and then you have to fill a digital form or physical form have have to submit a i…

What is JIO glass? How to buy it and what is it's uses

Readers, recently the chairman of Reliance industries, Shri Mukesh Ambani said that Google has invested $ Billion in Reliance jio in annual conference meting. And also jio has launches its some new product, in which Jio glass one of them.\
In this article you will know about it's uses, how to buy it and what is it?

What is JIO glass?

This is a device which  is based  on  virtual reality which will give solution to both personal and corporate. At present you can only enjoy games by virtual reality but jio has put it at anther level. 
Jio glass look like a normal sunglasses but it has next level technology Which seems to be impossible, and this type of things you can only see in films.
But this is true, you can here all  most all technology including Artificial intelligence. And it's weight is  only 75 grams. 

Till now you have to use VR handset to play vr games, watch movies, video calling etc but now this all are possible by Jio glass. 
Features of JIO glassTill company has not revea…

What is operating system and how it's works?

Did you know what is operating system? If you don't know so, don't worry we are here to give your answer.
We know that we are human and every human has it's own heart, like that computers has also hearts and  it known as operating system(OS) in technical language.
When ever you use mobile or computer, you always say that Android, Windows, Ios, Linux etc. These are called operating system. And Oreo, Kitkat, Lolipop, Windows 7, 8, 10 ect are the versions of operating system. 
In my concern every knows what what is Operating system but they don't know how is it's works?  It is nothing but a translator between we the users and the hardware.

What is operating system?Operating system is also called system operator, in short it is generally called OS. It is also called as heart of computer. Operating system is a system software which allow communication between hardware and users.
In a simple way, when ever you use a computer, os is act as broker between you as a user and hardw…

What is Jio Giga fiber?

Jio giga fiber is a  FTTH( fiber to the home) service. By which Reliance Jio provides giga fiber users high speed internet upto 1Gbps. This company also provides high quality products for make home smart. Giga fiber is has launched in 5 July 2018 and  commercially available on 15 August 2018. 
In annual conference of the company, company's chairman Mukesh Ambani said that Jio giga fiber will be available in major cities. But in starting stage company will launch it in very chosen cities. There many major cities such as  Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Surat, Vadodara, Chennai, Noida, Gajiabad, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Bangalore, Agara etc. At the end Giga fiber will be available in almost 1600 cities.
💧Is jio giga fiber available in your area?
To check that  Jio giga fiber presence in your area you have to on jio official website, and then you have to fill a form for jio giga fiber which require your name, address and some other detail. After submission of detail…

10 tips to save electricity

1.Highest star rating electronic devicesA star rating system depicts the energy efficiency of an electrical appliances. The higher the no. of stars the more efficient it is. The star rating system was designed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BBE) India, with a  range of 1 to 5 stars.
It is better to invest one time in buying high rating devices. so, in future it will really help you in future. 2. Use of led light
Led light consume much less power in comparison with cfl and fluorescent bulb. Led is slightly costly than cfl and fluorescent bulb, but it will consume low energy. Led lamps are made up off surface mount led modules. A significant difference from other light source, it is more directional.
3. Use of natural light
Switch off all light in day time and let the natural light come in. It is also beneficial for your health.
4. using of proper wiring
Wiring is also a bigger factor that influence your electric bill. If you use wire of a good brand it will definitely  help you. And also …

Top 5 best led light that really very useful for you

IntroductionLED lights are one  of the latest inventions of scientist for reducing the negative effects of convectional bulbs to the environment. A light emitting diode is a two-lead semiconductor light source, and when a suitable voltage is applied to the leads, electron are able to recombine with electron  holes with the device, releasing energy in the form of photons.
LED lights are long lasting and more efficient With the combination of anode, cathode and semiconductor crystal makes led more efficient than the rest of  the light bulbs out there. Even some led light have lasted for 20 years. LED lights used to cost more than more bulbs present in the market, but how they are competitively priced with the competition. LED are used in application is diverse as automobiles head lights, advertising, display, boards, general lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes etc. 
💧Solar panel powered led lightSolar panel powered led light have many benefit and it is composed of mainly led light, b…